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May 2013 Blog Posts

PowerShell Script for Clearing Windows Event Logs

Sure, you can just type "wevtutil el | % { wevtutil cl $_ }" whenever you feel like it, but how fun is that?!

PowerShell Scripts for Managing the Path Environment Variable

Even though it doesn't take long to add a folder to %Path% by clicking through Windows, I prefer to do this using a little PowerShell instead.

PowerShell Scripts for Managing BackConnectionHostNames (KB 896861)

Here's a set of scripts to make it easier to view the items in the "BackConnectionHostNames" registry key, as well as add and remove hostnames.

PowerShell Scripts for Managing the Hosts File

Here's a set of scripts to make it easier to view the hostname mappings in the hosts file, as well as add and remove hostnames.

An Update on the Effectiveness of MaxPatchCacheSize

Wondering where all the precious free space in your SSD went? Well, here are a few possibilities.

PowerShell Scripts for Managing MaxPatchCacheSize

Here's a pair of PowerShell scripts for quickly setting and verifying the MaxPatchCacheSize registry setting.

Some Tips for Managing TFS Workspaces

Are you familiar with the "tfpt scorch" command? Have you ever used PowerShell to quickly cloak/uncloak folders in your TFS workspaces? If not, here are a couple of tips that could save you a little time.

"Development Cheat Sheets"

In this post, I explain how I like to use Microsoft OneNote to manage what I call "development cheat sheets" -- which are especially useful when developing SharePoint solutions.

Blog Sabbatical

Wondering why there was a long gap between my previous two blog posts? Give me a few minutes, and I'll get you caught up on what I've been doing for the past year.