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SharePoint Architecture and Development

Are you upgrading or migrating to SharePoint 2010? We have the experience and best practices to ensure your success.

Application Lifecycle Management

Whether you are building on SharePoint or the core .NET Framework, you need a solid foundation for continuously managing the development lifecycle.

Databases and Business Intelligence

Need help troubleshooting SQL Server or empowering business users with sophisticated analytics solutions? We can help with that, too.

Your technology Sherpa for the Microsoft platform

The path to success in the world of information technology is neither flat nor easy. It is often steep, rugged, and filled with hazards and pitfalls. However, partnering with an experienced guide vastly reduces the risk, effort, and duration of the journey.

Technology Toolbox helps businesses thrive by maximizing their investments in Microsoft products and technologies, including SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, and SQL Server.

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Sure, you can just type "wevtutil el | % { wevtutil cl $_ }" whenever you feel like it, but how fun is that?!

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Even though it doesn't take long to add a folder to %Path% by clicking through Windows, I prefer to do this using a little PowerShell instead.

PowerShell Scripts for Managing BackConnectionHostNames (KB 896861)

Here's a set of scripts to make it easier to view the items in the "BackConnectionHostNames" registry key, as well as add and remove hostnames.