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Jeremy Jameson - Founder and Principal



Technology Toolbox helps businesses successfully plan, architect, implement, and deploy solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies.

Our practice is focused on three main areas:

  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • SharePoint Architecture and Development
  • Databases and Business Intelligence

Application Lifecycle Management

Regardless of whether you are creating custom applications using the core .NET Framework or deploying solutions based on SharePoint to rapidly address changing business needs, you need a solid foundation for continuously managing all aspects of the development lifecycle. Read more

SharePoint Architecture and Development

SharePoint is without question a powerful and robust platform that enables organizations of all sizes to be more productive. However, for all but the smallest of companies, a successful SharePoint deployment is certainly not a given.

Technology Toolbox helps you plan, customize, and deploy SharePoint 2010 to address your specific needs, whether you are upgrading from a previous version or migrating from another platform. Read more

Databases and Business Intelligence

Databases are the backbone of most mission-critical enterprise systems. When there are performance issues or failures in these systems, the cost to the business can be enormous. Fortunately, with proper planning and performance tuning, these disasters can be avoided. We can also provide recommendations for optimizing other areas of your enterprise systems to vastly reduce SQL Server workloads.

In most businesses today, operational systems have been in place for many years and hold vast amounts of data. However, truly useful information remains elusive or cumbersome to gather and analyze. We can help you connect people to information in a secure, self-service fashion that minimizes cost and IT management issues. Read more

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