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May 2008 Blog Posts

Backing Up User Databases in SQL Server (and SQL Server Express)

Since I appear to be on a roll with my blog this morning, I figured that I should write one more post about SQL Server before I get back to my "day job." I typically use SQL Server Management Studio to configure and schedule database backups, because...

Counting Rows in All Database Tables in SQL Server

Here is yet another of the SQL scripts that I like to keep handy in my toolbox: Count Records in All Tables.sql Sometimes when I get "dropped into" a consulting situation with a new customer, I need to quickly get acquainted with one or more of their...

Shrinking All Database Files in SQL Server

Here is another SQL script that I keep handy in my toolbox: Shrink All Database Files.sql . Unlike the script that I shared in my previous post that simply truncated all transaction logs to free up disk space, this script is suitable for running in a...

Truncating All Transaction Logs in SQL Server

One of the SQL scripts that I keep handy in my toolbox is Truncate All Transaction Logs.sql . While I would never recommend running this script in a Production environment (PROD), I find it to be very helpful for periodically freeing up disk space in...