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May 2009 Blog Posts

Add sysadmin in SQL Server 2008 Using Local Administrator

A couple of months ago, I had to SysPrep a copy of one of my VMs in order to remove dependencies on my home domain (I had to work out of the Microsoft office for a couple of days because my DSL router cratered). However, while the SysPrep process was...

Be Careful Using PublishingWeb.GetPagesListName()

A couple of years ago when we began evaluating Language Packs for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, we discovered that after installing certain Language Packs, the "Pages" library may be localized -- including both the list name as well...

Minor Setback

I haven't blogged in almost 8 weeks. Ouch. However, I like to think I have a good excuse -- at least for a good portion of that time. On April 17, 2009, I broke my left leg in 6 places skiing one of my favorite runs at Mary Jane called "Outhouse...