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Update on Upgrade of MSDN Blog Platform

This post originally appeared on my MSDN blog:

Since I no longer work for Microsoft, I have copied it here in case that blog ever goes away.

The dust has mostly settled after the upgrade of the MSDN blog platform. Consequently, I have re-added my custom CSS rules to make my blog posts look much like they did before the upgrade.

Kudos to Sean Jenkin and his team for tirelessly working through the upgrade issues. Migrating thousands of blogs and millions of posts is certainly no trivial task.

Note that I'm still missing some images from about a dozen blog posts, but earlier today I opened an SRX (i.e. service request -- a.k.a. support incident) to get these fixed. Hopefully these will be restored in the next day or two.

I've also re-added the blog posts from last week that didn't make the cutoff date for automated migration.

Oh, and contrary to what I said in yesterday's post, it turns out that Sean had been very diligent about notifying MSDN and TechNet bloggers about the upgrade (and the need to resubmit new blog posts after the cutoff date). However, for some reason, I wasn't a member of either of the two secure DLs (distribution lists) that received the numerous notifications. I guess my MSDN blog has just been "flying under the radar" all of these years ;-)

Fortunately, it didn't take me more than a few minutes to copy/paste my posts from last week into the new environment.

I can't tell you how nice it is to finally move up from Community Server 2.1 after all these years. It was definitely getting a little "long in the tooth."


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