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June 2010 Blog Posts

Windows Server Backup Does Not Show Backed Up Files

[Sorry the blog has been relatively silent this month -- but, on the other hand, I did manage to make time for a vacation to Arizona this month (Sedona, Grand Canyon, and then Scottsdale). It was a little hot, but a wonderful trip nonetheless.] Here...

New Guidance on MSDN for Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010

A bunch of new content related to SharePoint 2010 application development was released yesterday. You can browse the content online via MSDN: Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010 ...

Showing Resized Images on a Community Server/Telligent Blog

Back in Community Server 2.1 (i.e. prior to the recent upgrade of the MSDN/TechNet blog platform), I could specify a URL like the following to show a smaller version of an image in a blog post: