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May 2011 Blog Posts

Using the SharePoint API to Configure an Expiration Policy on a Document Library

While it typically takes less than a minute or two to configure an expiration policy on a SharePoint document library, there may still be reasons why you want to do this using the SharePoint object model instead. For example, suppose I have a "Temporary...

Missing thumbnail images in SharePoint?...You probably forgot to specify the "ContentType" property

During the process of creating my previous post , I discovered the thumbnail images were not rendering as expected for the custom images that I added to the out-of-the-box SharePoint /PublishingImages picture library (via a feature). Here is the content...

Web Standards Design with SharePoint, Part 6

In part 5 of this series , I showed how you can render semantic HTML for SharePoint list items (instead of the out-of-the-box table layout) using the new XsltListViewWebPart in SharePoint 2010. Note You can achieve similar results in Microsoft...