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October 2011 Blog Posts

Creating a static HTML prototype for a website (a.k.a. Building, part 3)

Regardless of the platform a website will eventually run on (e.g. ASP.NET or SharePoint), I typically recommend creating a static HTML prototype to demonstrate key features, illustrate various design alternatives (e.g. different page layouts, color schemes, etc.), and gather feedback...

Setting up a new Web development project (a.k.a. Building, part 2)

Once I settled on using Subtext as the blogging solution for the Technology Toolbox site, I turned my attention to working on the other areas of the site...

Why was Subtext selected for (a.k.a. Building, part 1)

In my previous post, I mentioned how my new blog is currently powered by Subtext -- or rather my own (slightly modified) version of Subtext 2.5. I also noted that Subtext wasn't my first choice when selecting a blogging solution...


In this inaugural post for my new blog location, I'll introduce various features of the new Technology Toolbox website and provide a high-level overview of the underlying architecture. Subsequent posts will cover different aspects of the site in greater detail.