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More bug fixes for Subtext now available on GitHub (a.k.a. Building, part 19)

In last night's post, I mentioned how I recently created an account on GitHub, primarily so I can contribute the various bug fixes and enhancements that I've made to the Subtext blog engine.

In addition to the trivial bug fix that I mentioned before, I have merged a number of other changes that I previously made to my private build of Subtext.

I'm not sure whether all or any of these changes will find their way into Phil's repo, but I certainly hope so. Here is a list of the issues that I created (in most of these, you will see a corresponding change in my private fork of Subtext):

My Subtext fork does not currently include all of the changes I've made to Subtext for, but it is close.

Here are the changes that I haven't yet merged into my Subtext fork:

  • HACK: The current implementation in the HtmlHelper.ConvertToAllowedHtml method results in extraneous line breaks between paragraphs in comments (e.g. "<p>foo</p>{newline}
    <p>bar</p>" becomes "<p>foo</p><br/><p>bar</p>"). To avoid formatting issues, remove the <br/> elements added by the HtmlHelper.HtmlSafe method when paragraphs are separated by newline characters
  • Tweak messages displayed to blog readers
  • Overhaul the way Gravatar images are handled to provide more flexibility (such as showing no image at all if no Gravatar is available -- by specifying PlaceHolderImage="" in skin Comments.ascx control)
  • To avoid numerous CryptographicException ("Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.") errors from occurring when Google crawls the site, use a static key and initialization vector for the CAPTCHA controls
  • Change "Form1" identifiers to the default ("aspnetForm") in order to resolve style differences between blog pages and main site (due to the background gradient being applied to the default "aspnetForm" element)
  • HACK: Don't show "Recent Posts" on the blog home page since this is redundant in this scenario
  • Change caching strategy in HomePage control (in order to avoid issue with hiding the "Recent Posts" list)
  • HACK: Add an extra catch block to avoid a large number of test failures (due to expected exceptions not being caught when running unit tests under MbUnit)
  • Only change the Visible property of the Gravatar image to true when an email address is specified in the comment. This allows a skin to specify a default Gravatar image (e.g. PlaceHolderImage="~/Skins/TechnologyToolbox1/Images/Silhouette-1.jpg") but also choose to hide the default image when no email address is available to retrieve a Gravatar (i.e. by specifying Visible="false" on the Image control)

Honestly, I'm not sure whether these changes would be valuable to others. While these were all necessary for the site, some of them might be too specific for other sites (especially the ones marked "HACK").

If you have an interest in one or more of the above fixes, let me know and we can see about getting them merged into my Subtext fork.




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