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Just say "no" to writing SharePoint CAML queries from scratch

In yesterday's Scrum for the project I started last Thursday, a brief discussion came up around writing SharePoint CAML queries.

One of the developers mentioned creating a view, adding "placeholders" for filter parameters, and then copying the CAML for the view into your code.

I asked if anyone had ever used the U2U CAML Query Builder, but apparently they had never come across this before.

I've been using it since the old MOSS 2007 days, and I still use it today with SharePoint 2010. It is far easier than trying to handcraft CAML queries.

Here is the link to this wonderful tool, in case you haven't come across it either:

U2U CAML Query Builder for SharePoint 2003 and SharePoint 2007 (Windows Version)
Don't be put off by title of the page referenced above. I'm not sure why the U2U folks haven't updated the page title to reflect the fact that this works with SharePoint 2010.


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