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Website style guide, custom CSS classes, and HTML snippets

If, like me, you use Expression Web to author HTML content, then I hope you take advantage of the "Snippets" feature.

Supporting both "" and "" (a.k.a. Building, part 23)

Can visitors browse your website using "" as well as ""? Is this documented in your test spec? It should be -- as I found out...the hard way.

More bug fixes for Subtext now available on GitHub (a.k.a. Building, part 19)

In addition to the trivial bug fix that I mentioned in last night's post, I have merged a number of other changes into my Subtext fork on GitHub.

Git/GitHub issues

Follow along as I share my struggles using GitHub and the Git version control system.

My first bug fix for Subtext now available on GitHub (a.k.a. Building, part 18)

I finally got around to investigating all the hubbub with GitHub. I even submitted my first "official" bug fix for the Subtext blog engine. I'm sure it will get easier, but this experience was valuable for me, if for no other reason than making me appreciate how much I love Team Foundation Server.

Shared files and assemblies in ASP.NET applications (a.k.a. Building, part 17)

This post describes a couple of scenarios where you might need to share files and assemblies within an ASP.NET website, as well as some tricks for making this completely painless (from a development and deployment perspective).

Custom CAPTCHA control for ASP.NET application and Subtext blog (a.k.a. Building, part 16)

In this post, I provide a detailed walkthrough of the custom CAPTCHA control used on the Technology Toolbox website (including some subtle issues discovered when using this control on Subtext blog pages).

Errors running the Subtext blog engine -- and what I did about them (a.k.a. Building, part 15)

I've been running my new blog on Subtext for almost 4 months and encountered some issues with Subtext that required a few tweaks here and there. In this post, I describe the errors I've seen and my recommendations for addressing them.

Serving minified jQuery/CSS in PROD and uncompressed versions in DEV (a.k.a. Building, part 13)

In this post, I show how to serve minified versions of JavaScript and CSS files in Production environments and uncompressed versions in Development environments.

Using jQuery to create an expandable archive list for blog posts (a.k.a. Building, part 12)

In my previous post, I briefly mentioned how I use a CSS sprite and jQuery to render the expandable list under the "Archives" section on the various blog pages of the Technology Toolbox site. This post details the implementation of that feature.

Using the Entity Framework and LINQ to list the most popular posts from Subtext (a.k.a. Building, part 10)

In my previous post, I shared the inner workings of the "Most Recent Posts" section on the Technology Toolbox home page. In this post, I'll show you how I built on that foundation to generate the content for the "Most Popular Posts" section.

Using the Entity Framework and LINQ to list the most recent posts from Subtext (a.k.a. Building, part 9)

In a previous post, I mentioned how the new Technology Toolbox home page highlights the most recent blog posts from Subtext. In this post, I'll show you how easy this feature was to develop -- thanks to the Entity Framework and LINQ.

PowerShell script to deploy/rebuild an ASP.NET Web application (a.k.a. Building, part 8)

In this post, I describe the PowerShell script used to rebuild the Development and Test environments for From a high-level perspective, the script deletes the IIS website (if it exists), creates a new website (including the corresponding application pool), and then copies the files for the main site as well as the Subtext files for the /blog application...

Refresh Development and Test environments with Production database (a.k.a. Building, part 7)

In this post, I'll show you how I quickly restore the Production database for to the corresponding Development and Test environments...

Migrating a blog from Telligent to Subtext using Web scraping, the Html Agility Pack, BlogML, and more (a.k.a. Building, part 6)

While I don't expect many people will need to migrate blog posts from Telligent to Subtext, I do believe it is valuable to provide a walkthrough of how I typically approach a "content migration scenario" -- since I frequently encounter this kind of requirement when working with enterprise customers...

Feedburner not showing your latest blog post? Your feed probably exceeds 512K.

This morning I discovered that Feedburner wasn't showing the blog post I created last Thursday. No error was displayed. Rather the RSS feed simply made it look like...

Why was Subtext selected for (a.k.a. Building, part 1)

In my previous post, I mentioned how my new blog is currently powered by Subtext -- or rather my own (slightly modified) version of Subtext 2.5. I also noted that Subtext wasn't my first choice when selecting a blogging solution...


In this inaugural post for my new blog location, I'll introduce various features of the new Technology Toolbox website and provide a high-level overview of the underlying architecture. Subsequent posts will cover different aspects of the site in greater detail.